TS clearance but company with SECRET facility clearance

I have a TS clearance that was granted in 2015 under my previous employer. My new contract company is a SECRET-only facility. What happens to my TS?

I have heard that 2 years after being with a company that is a SECRET-only facility, my clearance is downgraded to SECRET. Is this true? Or do I have a current, but inactive TS (TS-eligible) until 2021?

I dont know if the two-year rule applies here, but if you are still there when it is time for the periodic update for TS (five or six or who knows how many years), will they be able to put you in for the update to keep your TS even if they do not have any contracts requiring it?

They should be able to put me in for the periodic update then as there will be TS contracts.

However, what I’m unclear on is whether at that point it will be a re-investigation or a new one that they will have to initiate. I was told that because our company is currently a SECRET-only facility, I would lose my TS after it being inactive (though current/TS-eligible) after 2 years. Anybody know if that’s correct or no?

The sponsor of the seat…the position submits. If they have no need…they should not submit. Your previous position and company should read you out and you have 2 years from that date. I assume you are no longer in access to TS…since current company does not have any. If you are currently accessing TS…begs the question where and for what purpose. At times with multiple contracts on this compound we have a person sponsored as TS…the other program sponsors as Secret. They keep the TS badge as it supports the same client. But since we sponsor the TS we must use them periodically in that capacity and make sure they meet the standards for it.

No active TS, just TS-eligible. Just want to know if I do TS work in the future if I’ll have to have a new investigation initiated or no since I’m still within my 6 years.

I worked at a place where we only had a very small number of TS contracts, but nearly everybody with a TS was put in for reinvestigation for TS based on the possibility that they could maybe work on one of those contracts. But I think the government is getting more picky about this sort of shell game.

No hard facts here, more of an observation.

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