TS Clearance Timeline

Curious on what’s the normal time frame for adjunct ion to be determined?

September 2019 - notification of tentative job offer
Early October 2019 - filled out sf86 and got fingerprints submitted
Mid October 2019 - interview with investigator
Early November 2019 - current employer and references interviewed in person

From my understanding this is a T5 level. No criminal history, no drug or alcohol history. No foreign contacts and never been outside the United States. Never held a security clearance before. Clean background.

Just curious on what normal time frame is for the process. FSO told me to check back in six months. Completely cool with that, just naive and curious what normal time frame is on the process. Thank you!!

Normal? Unfortunately there is no normal. Could be adjudicated in a month or so, could take six months, could take longer. I have long suspected that really clean and simple cases get kicked to the head of the queue so they (the adjudicators) can get their timeline numbers up. Hopefully this is true and you will find out sooner than most.