TS/ISA clearance

Recently, a recruiter told me that I have a TS/SCI and ISA clearance. The recruiter told me that she will research what is ISA clearance, and unfortunately, she has not gotten back to me. Can someone please explain to me what is ISA clearance? and is it equivalent to full scope poly or CI poly?

ISSA (Industrial Security Staff Approval). How did you get a clearance and have no idea what it is?


I thougt I had TS/SCI , but I recently found out that I have ISA/TSA clearance and not ISSA as you mentioned. My question was what does it mean to have this kind of clearance? Is ISA equivelent to CI poly? or Full Scope polly?

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I have no idea what ISA/TSA is. Who issued your clearance?

Have you even gone through a poly?

I agree with @velcroTech. Who issued your clearance? Did you sign a NDA and get a security briefing?

I’m wondering if you maybe had a T5 investigation and some sort of non-classified “access authorization” to an agencies system

Yes. I signed an NDA. I am not familiar with T5.

Yes, I have taken the poly. ISA stands for Industrial Security Approved, and from what I am hearing, its equivelent to CI poly.