TS clearance clarification

Hello, I recently was offered a job titled “Intelligence Community Security Monitor”. Basically security guard for gov’t building. It never stated the level clearance needed in the job posting but during the interview the recruiter said it requires a top secret clearance. But Reading the post on this blog site I am learning there are different kinds of TS clearances such as SCI, polygraph etc. My question is how would I know which TS clearance mines falls under or how could I find out? I completed the SF86 and they submitted it for me but I am curious what this process will intel. Will I have to take a poly also? Just curious as I am waiting to hear from an investigator.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

Ask your security department.

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Following the question above, does anyone know how many items are to be closed for T5, top secret clearance? My FSO shared this week that “DCSA is working on 9 items to close the case.”

I am wondering how many items are there in total? Is it 10 or 25? Trying to get an idea because I submitted Eqip in Nov 2022, and they say it was a priority case! However, my CACI investigator quit after my interview. So, I had to attend a second subject interview with an investigator from Peraton. So I am wondering what is going on and how much has been completed? Real black box and struggling to make sense of what is happening. Any thoughts or comments appreciated. Thanks to the resourceful forum members.

The number of items is completely dependent on your life. How many residences, schools, jobs, etc plays a role in how big your case is.


Every T5 is different, there really isn’t a set amount of items. It’ll depend on your employment history, residential history, and a number of issues that can arise.

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Thank you for the response. First time security clearance candidate and wasn’t sure there is anything I could do to help. Looks like I just keep waiting. Thank you!

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I was recently given a conditional job offer by a contractor that is processing my clearance for a position working with IC customers. They are processing my clearance under TS/SCI so it likely require poly. I was told by a few friends of mine that I would be granted the TS clearance first prior to taking poly. That sounds odd to me as I thought the poly would be apart of the process to obtain the TS. Could someone shed some light on this?

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Polys are usually stand alone taskings since not all positions that would have TS/SCI needs require polys.

The clearance would be the first step - if you can’t get adjudicated for the clearance there is no point in getting a poly. In some cases the poly taps into details from the clearance and/or is used in comparison of information gained from the clearance.

If a poly is needed the position will be advertised using verbiage like “TS/SCI with poly”.


Thank you for this response @WildnCrazy. It does make sense. I was confused because I seen a lot of folks post they did a psych/poly as part of there TS/SCI. The horror stories I hear about poly’s does scare me and make me only want to go for clearance that wont require it. On my offer letter it states one of the contingencies listed is “Your ability to meet customer requirements, which may include successfully completing a polygraph” so I thought it maybe required in the process to get adjudicated for the TS/SCI.