TS NFNA Form - Anyone else out there?

I passed my poly on the third try in September, BI is complete and was told I passed the psych eval. Recruiter said my case was going to adjudication and would take a few weeks. Last week I received an email asking me to sign a NFNA form, and then was contacted with some follow up questions about my foreign contacts. I tried searching about NFNA’s on here, without luck. I’d like to assume that I’m almost there, since maybe they wouldn’t ask for me to sign the form if there were other issues to disqualify me… Anyone have any ideas about how close I am to the end of this? It’s been over a year and a half in total. Thanks in advance!

While that may make it appear that you are nearing the end . . . Can’t promise that . . . There could be many reasons that things happen in different orders.