TS/SCI Investigation Discontinued?

I was put in for TS/SCI FS clearance by my employer (Gov’t Contractor); less than 2 months later, I had my interview with my investigator and some of my contacts were interviewed. 2 weeks later, my FSO notified me that the client decided to not bring me on board. A week later, Investigator called to ask for more contacts to interview.

Is my TS/SCI Background Investigation still ongoing even though the project/client decided to not bring me on board. Can my employer still continue to sponsor me and adjudicate me and later put me on a new project?

It depends on who is sponsoring your investigation. If the client was sponsoring it, then no. The investigator(s) will continue working until the discontinuation notice officially gets to them. Sometimes it takes a bit for the “stop work” order to come through and the investigators won’t stop until it does. (Investigator does field work only, not adjudication.) If your employer was paying for/sponsoring it for whatever reason, you would have to ask them what their plans are (the security officer at the company, not HR).

My advice would be to go ahead and continue with the investigator as they ask for more information. You never know what might happen. They pulled the billet for the position that you expected but something else might come up.

So I heard back from FSO, apparently, the agency never put it in after their review (because of foreign association). FSO does not know anything about this BI interview that I and my contacts had. The BI reviewed the SF86 form that I submitted for the agency
How do I find what a background investigation is for or the status or if DSCA has a field work on me?