TS/SCI - MegaCap Companies

I possess a valid State Department granted TS/SCI clearance.

At the end of August I will retire from the Foreign Service.

What is the best way to approach the Apples/Googles/Amazons/Microsofts of the world regarding their Security Clearance required vacancies.

I know I can go to their web sites, but I am hoping for more insights and network-oriented pointers.

Thank you.

I’ve had reasonable success with Clearance Jobs. Also, Indeed or any other job board can work, just include keywords like “TS/SCI”, “Secret”, and/or “Clearance”.

I haven’t run across too many cleared positions with Big Tech, the vast majority of cleared private positions are with defense contractors.

Reach out to your current employers IT/Networking group - ask if they have any cleared commercial contractors/POC’s in any of those aforementioned companies. Go from there - much easier and more direct if you do it from ‘inside’ the machine…then get their LinkedIn info, etc.

Amazon and Microsoft probably have some cleared jobs what with their cloud contracts. Don’t know about the other two. Clearance Jobs is good but I don’t recall seeing them on there.