Am I forbidden to apply or accept a job in the private sector that has international travel and possibly relocate overseas

I work in a tech role supporting the Feds for nearly five years, and I want a change of scenery. I always wanted a tech job that allows lots of travel and excitement, and the Feds have none of them that exist except for those buffoons with a sales driven personality /background or roles that say “demonstrate leadership” (aka president of a drunken fraternity). I don’t fit into that mold as I keep to myself.

I do have a TS. Prior to my TS, I traveled a lot and of course I disclosed it. The only kicker is I might also be getting an SCI soon.

One consulting firm based in Boston has a tech role where I may have to travel to either a 1)country known for surrendering and tried to invade the largest nation by area on earth two hundred years ago and lost badly, 2)country that’s a peninsula with the greatest empire/civilization on the history of earth and known for its great carb-heavy food, and 3) that was the split/successive empire on the Bosporus and had its capital renamed after its collapse.

Either option also includes more travels to the smaller in between countries of the people that ended up sacking the second place and known for being the powder keg of Europe and another that tried to fight a country with horses in Word War II.

Would this role be supporting the feds, or something entirely different? If it is something entirely different, it is an almost certainty that you would be read out of your clearances as you no longer have a “need to know”

If you are referring to be able to get a TS or TS/SCI in the future, it may be more of a process, as your foreign contacts and travel would need to be vetted, but certainly not an impossibility.

It has nothing to do with the Feds. It’s a consulting tech role. It’s pure private sector.

Right now, I am being considered for an SCI for my current role that I am in.

I noticed roles in private sector paying more and having more freedom and more travel which neither TS/SCI can do with extreme exceptions.
So I have not even hit the submit button.