TS/SCI verification

I received an email from DHS back in June 2020 that I have been cleared of TS/SCI after about 9 months and to set up a resumption date. I started with DHS as a new employee June 8, 2020 and received TS/SCI debrief June 11, 2020. But I resigned and moved to the DOJ on August 30, 2020 and the DOJ did another T5 background investigation with favorable Adjudication again. Now I am trying to move to another job, but the SFO can’t verify my clearance (TS/SCI) via DISS .

What should I do now or what could be the problem?

Does DHS or DOJ use DISS? I thought this was a DOD system.

I would imagine DHS will see DISS. They used to see JPAS. (Going off what a DHS-employed friend tells me.)

DISS data is not visible at this time. The transition from JPAS to DISS resulted in a glitch.

Did you complete your Probationary period?

I once Googled DHS reciprocity and found a phone number and the clearance was transferred to DISS within a few minutes. This was probably late 2020 when we were on both systems (JPAS/DISS). Just gotta find the right person - but yes in general DHS/DOJ are not on DISS unless “pushed” over.

I’m an FSO working to verify the TS/SCI for my recruiting team.

I have the same problem, but for a CIA clearance. DIA can’t see my most recent TS/SCI and BI information in DISS. Is it for the same reason…because no one has pushed it over?

Most likely, yes. But if you’re working with a Prime Contract on DIA as an IC element I would hope they (DIA Personnel Security) would be able to see it in Scattered Castles. We’re a Prime on NGA and when I needed a CIA or an NSA TS/SCI that was not in DISS they (NGA Personnel Security) pushed it over. However we’re a sub on DIA work and I’ve never had that happen - I’m an FSO, so I have less luck when I depend on my Prime FSO to do security actions for me.

Ah yes. It’s good to be the prime