TS/SCI: What information is passed on to the employer?

I want to make sure that I understand the process.

There is a private employer who may be interested in hiring me. They would want me to get TS/SCI clearance. I understand that in order to do that I’d probably need to file a form. Is it the SF86?

And once I fill in that information, whom would I submit it to, and what information from that form would be passed on to my employer?

Would they only indicate whether I’d passed, would they pass on just things that were relevant to the position(like employment history), or would they pass on all information?

I don’t think they’d find anything objectionable about me, and would make the assumption that I’d pass(especially since I’m a non-violent teetotaler who’s never paid a bill late or been accused of a crime). I was just wondering what information would be given to the employer.


The only people who see a completed investigation are the security personnel who process the application and the adjudicators for each agency, and if an adverse action is needed, then HR gets involved. Supervisors, managers, etc…do not see your investigation information. Notification is made as either favorable or unfavorable.

Sorry for my confusion, but I’m not sure what you mean by “adjudicators for each agency”. Does that mean HR for the company who wants to hire me?

The people who process the security clearance documents are called security officers- they work for the company who is hiring you. They will see the information on your forms. When your investigation is competed and all the information is compiled, it will go to an adjudicator for the agency you need the clearance for. They will look over all the information and make a decision as to whether or not to grant the clearance. They notify the security officer at the company you will be working for what their decision is for the clearance (favorable or unfavorable).

That makes sense. Thank you.

I know that my investigation is complete and has been sent in to be adjudicated. How long should that take? How will I be informed? Am I only informed if it is unfavorable?