TS Upgrade Timeline 2020

TS Granted, timeline listed below. This was an upgrade from a secret.

Equip Submitted: Feb 4 2020

Equip sent back and returned March 10 2020 (im an idiot and made a mistake)

Interim TS Granted: March 25

Interview April 28, reference calls conducted in subsequent weeks

In adjudication less than 5 business days

Full TS: 6/19/20

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WOW… does this mean the backlog is even clearing in the adjudication stage?

It must, but cant speak to that definitively… the investigation was way quicker than my expectations, given the COVID situation.

You are squeaky clean

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Last Ive seen, both the investigative and adjudicative (DOD) backlogs are gone.

Of course, complexity of case, extenuating circumstances, etc., as always, will vary.


DCSA is basically caught up again. I am working very recent cases. I can’t say anything about the workload/timeliness for Agencies that do their own investigations - which seems to apply to many folks in here.