Two consulting positions at same time

Hello I am a consultant for a federal government client with public trust clearance. I was requested to support another federal government client part time which requires MBI clearance at the same time. wondering if I can work for two govt. clients at same time on these two different clearances.

The MBI was a public trust investigation (not a clearance) and is not longer an investigation type since for almost 10 years. Just to be clear.

Having two contracts is not an issue unless you are expected to work full-time for each contract.

Thank you for the response.

the second contract with MBI may turn into a 40hr work in future. what are the consequences working in both places.

Additional info: my Payroll will be run thru my solo S-corp . My s-corp bills respective federal contracting vendors not the federal govt.

Keep your billing time clear between the two. The government has a snot load of people that look for false/misrepresented charges to the federal piggy bank.