Two time weed use, interim security clearance

would weed use two times about a year ago cause a denial of an interim security clearance.
I also have a reckless driving that was dropped to a speeding ticket and excessive speed.
Is there a chance I get an interim secret clearance?

Five years ago I would have said no chance for an interim and 50-50 on the final, but attitudes about marijuana use have gotten much more lenient it seems. As for the reckless driving I don’t think that would be an issue as long as it was a one-time thing and there’s no pattern of reckless behavior (including incidents not related to driving).

Interims can be a bit of a crap shoot depending on the customer but I think others have reported getting an interim secret clearance with minor issues that just a few years ago would have prevented it.

Keep us posted if you can

The clearance is for army.

I also have a indentity card for another country for travel but it’s not a passport or citezenship. I’m guessing that shouldn’t affect it right? I haven’t traveled to that country much and the last time was 3-4 years ago.

They might ask about it. Is it like a “Overseas Citizen of India” card or something? That has come up on these forums. I don’t think it is a problem but it should be declared.

Investigators please chime in :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not necessarily a problem, but like most things, it depends. The combination of these things (recent weed use, foreign ID card, reckless driving ) might impact the ability to get an interim. The ID card raises the most flags and would need full resolution…why was it obtained, why is it used, are you willing to give it up, etc etc.

Keep us posted, and good luck.

Is 10 months considered recent?

Yes, 10 months would be considered to be recent use.

I’ve seen some references to six months or even 90 days as being the new “standard.” Note that this only applies to infrequent use; more time probably would have to have elapsed since the last incident of “chronic” use.

And note that law enforcement agencies still take a dim view of practically ANY use… you can check the FBI jobs site for details, they usually have a pretty clear statement of their policy.