Un adjudicated info and crossover

I signed a COE for a position supporting what I assume is the C2E contract. My last PR was adjudicated in 2018, FSP 2016(adjudicated by one IC agency), enrolled in CE as of 2019 and I’m good for reciprocity. I currently support a DoD client. Thought I was good to go, but got told the gov client would not crossover my clearance due to non adjudicated info. What does this mean? Will this be an issue going forward with any other gov client?

I don’t have any answers. This ‘unadjudicated info’ comes up from time to time and I don’t know what it means. How can you have an adjudicated clearance with unadjudicated info?

Is this information that comes up after the last investigation?

It reminds of a story a guy told me, this guy was SCI cleared working on an IC contract. He went in for a polygraph, seemed like everything was fine. No change in status. Then a year or so later he was supposed to work on some new contract and he came to learn that the poly was NOT alright… but not bad enough to disrupt the current clearance…?

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I dealt with this issue myself and it caused me a lot of headache. Similar boat as you. First of all “unadjudicated info” is a neutral term. It can literally be a new foreign contact or some life change like a marriage etc. It can also be debt, arrest etc. Point being is it just means an adjudicator has to look at the new piece of info and adjudicate the info. I’m less sure how that agency gets its info and determines there is unadj info with an applicant. In my case I was on a detailee assignment there and when I tried to crossover I couldn’t. A silly game in bureaucracy where you can work in 1 capacity with the same access, but not in another capacity. Anyway, I had to get a contractor to submit me for a whole new investigation. Meanwhile I was still working with my previous agency so there were no issues there. I have heard of having your contractor submit you as an “initial” with the hope of getting your application adjudicated. If you look up amberbunnys posts on this forum you will find some potential answers regarding that.

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