"Unadjudicated unformation"

Hello all.

I recently applied to and accepted some positions with a 3 letter agency i had worked at previously. My most recent job was with Army. I left that job and accepted a job with this 3 letter agency.

Well when they went to do my cross-over, the FSO said that the cross-over was denied due to “unadjudicated Information”. They had already requested a new SF86 and were going to do a PR because my last investigation in JPAS/SC was 2013 (I did have one from DHS in 2018 done but did not take the job, my FSO didn’t know how to get that investigation instead of the old one) i thought but the contractor said they couldn’t wait. They were not told any more than “unadjudicated information”.

I figure i can’t get a crossover from JPAS to SC or to that particular agency because of this, but will is till be able to work a DoD contract?

Thanks in advance…

Your title says “unadjudicated” but you said “adjudicated” twice.

I don’t think that anybody here can give you much information without knowing what the information is . . .

Actually I see that a lot. In and of itself it is not bad info. It is info that an adjudicator has not weighed in with a decision. It can literally be anything: an arrest, a write up at work, a DUI, credit, etc. Your file likely shows “no crossover.” That simply means no crossover without a re-investigation, giving you the chance to speak to every topic on the SF86 and reveal yourself what may be reportable. If you are completely unaware of any negative info, simply submit the SF86 and be super honest, don’t split any hairs. Something in one of the adjudicative standards is known and requires an adjudicator to make a decision. I handle about 3 or 5 a year. Crossing over from DHS to another 3 letter is easy enough. The new agency submits a crossover form identifying which of the scattered castles your clearance resides in. The name simply reflects there are several proprietary domains for clearances. So they need the broadest search. Make clear DHS held your clearance and tell them the unclassified name of the database if you are able. If it is classified, tell them it is maintained in a classified database from DHS (if you are allowed to say even that). It should clearly state that on the crossover form. Had several tell me there is no clearance visible. I make clear they are in JPASS and they say “oh.” As if they were not aware of JPASS. State gives me fits every time. DHS may not be too helpful as well. I never tried crossing them over. Really, don’t fear “Unadjudicated Info.” I used to until a great senior security rep from my client educated me. That said…I have had folks try to not be reinvestigated because they knew something was in there they did not wish to address. Eventually it catches up with you. A re-investigation will give you the chance to speak to any item you know about. Don’t take that lightly. If you are aware, speak to it.

Hey Guys, thanks for response.

I did mean “unadjudicated Information”. I fixed it in my post now, thanks.

The last contract i was on was using my SSBI that was done in 2013 but i had already started another SSBI thru DHS because i was waiting on a job with them (contractor) that took a very long time to complete so i took the job with the Army using my 2013 investigation.

I figure there is nothing “negative” pertaining to the “unadjudiacted information”, because i have never had any issue with Security violations or the 13 guidelines. I’m wondering if it’s because i resigned from last contract fo because i did not get along with my Gov supervisor and that is what needs to be adjudicated, maybe they reported it was for cause?.

Since i cannot cross over into SC, is it still possible that could take another DoD contract with this “unadjudicated information” issue or do i still need a PR to even take a job?

I have already left the job thinking that it was a done deal with the 3 letter agency contract but now since i cannot take that job, i feel like i am in limbo. That agency had me do another SF86 because i need a PR anyway, but since i cannot crossover, they will not proceed.

If i can still work a DoD contract because i am already in JPAS i will do that and wait on a PR thru them.

Any advice?

Thanks again.

JPASS is an easy crossover to SC. But the unadjudicated info signal means no interim will be granted, they want to see a fresh SF86, and get a chance to rule on new info. Be brutally honest on supervisor situation. Capture it exactly as they captured it and then provide your story. Simply being written up does not make you guilty. There will be bad situations. But tell them exactly about the writeup. Had one lady here insist she was never given the writeup, it was hidden in her file…but she signed it. Look at it as a simple honest test. They know of it as captured from work, speak exactly to that and acknowledge it on the section where you speak to termination, laid off, mutual agreement, negative info etc.

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Will I have the same issue if I take another army contract or DOD soon? I will not have to traveler into SC because my clearance is in jpas so I’m hoping it will be ok to get a DoD contract.

I have no problem doing a new sf86, but I will need a sponsor.

If you get a new position, they become the sponsor and they “crossover” (not the best word) your clearance to their sponsorship list. It simply shows who has responsibility for your clearance. When folks start work at different contracts here, even part time, they sometimes get our sponsorship turned off. Simple fix is submitting a new clearance form signed by COTR. Seems dumb to fix their mistake but it is the fastest way to make it happen.

Sorry for all the questions.

Does that mean that I should be ok getting on another DoD contract with this “unadjudicated information” issue?

I just started processing for another job today and sent mt clearance info to them.

Thanks again

I strongly suspect that you are going to have issues no matter where you apply. Some information in your file needs to be looked at by an adjudicator. That will not happen without a sponsor.

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No matter where you apply…it will not allow you to crossover without a re-investigation so you get the opportunity to speak to whatever it is, they get to weigh and decide. My client has a proprietary way of showing that. Not sure if other systems show it in the same manner. But one look and I know they will require a new SF86.

Thanks guys. So, i should just consider myself as not having a clearance basically because of this?

I doubt anyone is going to sponsor a new SSBI but is it possible to use my DHS 2018 investigation and maybe just have this new info (what ever it is), spoken to; Maybe even directly with adjudicator?

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks again.

You may, or may not, have an easier time than someone who is starting from scratch. We really can’t tell you. Someone is likely to sponsor you and if it is done fairly soon they may be able to use some or all of the investigation.

Go for it but don’t put all of your eggs in that basket.


Thanks again for your time and advise.

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