Unadjudicated information

I’m currently a contractor supporting the agency using TS/SCI FSP. My company recently lost the contract and I signed a contingent offer with the new prime. I was told by the prime that they could not do the crossover and told me to talk to my company FSO. My FSO contacted the customer and the only answer was my 2018 reinvestigation was submitted but not completed and the term was (unadjudicated information). I signed up with a another company on a different contract and the crossover was also denied. I don’t know what the reason is but no one will tell me anything other than it’s almost done. My understanding is the new prime can’t do an reinvestigation if the crossover does not happen. This is frustrating since there are only a few weeks left in the transition and I would need to leave the agency altogether.
My only option now is to find a TS or TS with only SCI job but not sure if that will be able to transfer. Very frustrating with the unknown.

Based on what you wrote I would say it won’t happen. If the new prime can’t bring your clearance over, I don’t see how anyone could. Based on what you wrote, you should have even been able to work with the old prime.

As someone with personal experience, I can say that crossovers are not consistent. Some people can get them instantly, others (like me) not so much. Unfortunately there’s real no way around it aside from doing the investigation over again or finding an employer with the exact same customer. Reciprocity is still very much a broken system IMO, there’s a lot of established studies showing how it’s negatively affecting cleared personnel to fill critical National security positions, yet not much is done to mitigate. Take as old as time.

If my company had rewon the contract, most likely I would stay on without needing to crossover.

Trust me, i know the feeling well on this issue. “Adjudicated information” can be a career killer depending on if you left job, Contract was lost, etc… before that info is adjudicated.
It is really unprofessional to leave someone in that limbo and made me realize just how unprofessional the IC can be. I can empathize with you. Unfortunately, In my experience is that if you are not working, or under an already started PR, then Adjudicated info will require some luck.

The new prime should not need to do a crossover though.

So that means your periodic reinvestigation is still out there hanging?

I was in the same boat and it took three years to get it finally adjudicated. I was able to keep working on the contract for the customer that whole time. But some other people in the same situation couldnt even get their clearances passed to another facility. I went on a job interview while I was in limbo, they could not even see where the investigation had been completed, just that the old one had lapsed.

I guess you need to find somebody who can put you to work on other stuff while this thing works its way through the system.

PR is still open in process and has not been adjudicated.

The 2018 PR submitted for adjudication has not been approved so I would think there’s an issue and still hanging. Not sure I can keep working on the same contract since the transition of the new contract with a different prime will be completed soon.

That is an interesting point… usually they work such transitions to be as “seamless” as possible but if there is going to be any kind of glitch I suppose it would be in security. However, I think it should work OK if you keep working on the same contract (or whatever new contract replaces the current one) supporting the same office/division/whatever.

The new prime approved to work on the new contract but still have to wait for security to finish their adjudication/approval to begin working on the contract. The adjudication process could take weeks to months to complete. The current contract ends in a few weeks so may have to find something on the outside. Would the adjudication process stops once I leave?

In all likelihood, yes. Did the new prime offer you a job? Any chance hanging on somewhere else while this resolves itself? This is not a great situation to be in.

The new prime only offered a job on the new contract but I can’t work until the adjudication is final. They did not offer any job anywhere else and yes this is not a great situation to be in. This is what they said. > > > > > “We will submit you for “initial” clearance processing. This will move the process of whatever info is in adjudication underneath their vendor code so they’ll be able to call and get status updates. It is their belief that the process will not take 12+ months like a typical initial because the customer already has you in the process. Once approval comes through, and you fill out briefing paperwork, you can begin work on the new contract.”

Let’s hope they are correct! Still it might be a good time to start working on Plan B. Also Plans C, D, and E.

Yes, plan b… BTW, would I still able to use just the TS somewhere else or TS CI poly or none of the clearance can transfer?

I got a contingent offer for a contractor job supporting a federal agency (non-intel). It will be a BI (background investigation) not TS or Secret. With the FSP clearance still open and in process, will it affect the BI?

It sounds like a lower “Tier” investigation so maybe they can do it while the other is in process. I do not have much experience with those. Again I defer to investigators or anyone with direct experience with these investigations for public trust (which is what this sounds like).

Started the E-qip and this will be a DHS suitability clearance and could include a reciprocal investigation since I’d already have TS in SC. Since the PR is still not adjudicated, would it affect or delay the DHS suitability clearance investigation?

I finally got an appointment and met with the adjudicators to go over some new info from the prior PR. The info from the previous PR wasn’t something I’ve done rather than me telling a story to my coworkers and somehow that co-worker passed that info to the investigator. The investigator made a note of the info and that was the unadjudicated info which denied the crossover. I clarified the info to the adjudicators and now waiting for the decision while still working.


@tetra2021, this sounds very similar to the situation I’m in. How did you get in touch with an adjudicator?