Unadjudicated Information Now Clearance is Terminated

I retired from the federal government October 2017. My last SSBI was 2012. Below is my contracting history:

  1. I was hired as a contractor January 2018. I resigned June 2019 to help take care of my dad.
  2. I was hired by my current company October 2019. The chief of staff told my company I was not performing and had no experience as an executive assistant. The company indicated they have had previous problems with this person with the employee before me. I was removed from the contract and put on paid admin leave with pay while the company looks for employment within the company.
  3. I was going to be rehired from the company in #1 above. My crossover was denied due to “unadjudicated information” so I could not be hired. The company was not told why.
  4. I submitted a FOIA request for my scattled castles and on it shows my clearance was terminated December 11, 2019 without any reason.

I am currently still working with the company while they seek employment, which I may have an interview next week.

My questions: 1) if my clearance is terminated, can I continue working for my current company? I don’t know if they know that my clearance was terminated. 2) what does unadjudicated information mean?

Thank you.
January 4, 2020 @ 5:34 pm

How did you go about submitting a foia for your scattered castles?

Good morning,

I submitted to the FOIA office at the last agency I worked, which was ODNI.

Thank you.

Quick question, was Dec. 11, 2019 the day you were debriefed?
Also where are you crossing over to?


Yes. Trying to crossover to ODNI, where I was working.


Yes, I was debriefed on December 11, 2019. The agency is ODNI.

Thank you.

Got it. Where are you crossing over from?
Unadjudicated information means that there is information needed (most likely from your previous agency). Different agencies handle this situation differently.

I suggest reading this https://www.insaonline.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Security_Clearance_Reciprocity_Obstacles_and_Opportunities.pdf. There is a case study regarding crossovers.

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How will I know what information is needed?

That’s the strange part of the crossover. I will be crossing from agency ODNI to ODNI, going from one contracting company to another contracting company within ODNI.

UPDATE: Effective January 10, 2020, I no longer work for the current company. I am taking a short break from working.

The other company still wants to hire me when I am ready, which will be soon. What happens now as far as my security clearance?

Thank you.

That’s the big question, no one except the agency knows what information is needed (for them to adjudicate). They don’t tell your FSO or company what is needed either.

I think that your clearance is “current” (not active since you’re not filling a billet) but it’s strange since your case isn’t really a crossover, it’s more of reinstating the clearance.

I would think someone would contact me to let me know what information is needed.

Initially, it was a crossover but since I am currently not employed, it would now be a reinstatement.

That would be the ideal case but sadly it isn’t, especially with the agency you’re crossing over to. They probably told your FSO to resubmit you as an initial (doing the entire process all over again just to find out what the unadjudicated information is, is very discouraging). I don’t know if there is a process around this.

Check the case study on the link I posted above.

Thats what I figured.

Thank you so much for your assistance and information. I will keep this blog posted on my situation.

@whitebunny check with the company (you’re trying to crossover to) if you can submit an SF-86 along with the crossover form.