Unadjudicated information

I was contacted to meet with them. I’m not sure what will happen next if they don’t adjudicate. Would I lose my clearance? Would the TS portion still be good?

Oh they’ll adjudicate… it may not be favorable but it will be adjudicated.

At least you are getting to that stage; a lot of people get into the “unadjudicated information” state and cant seem to get anyone to put them in for a clearance again.

BTW, how would you assume that they will adjudicate?

I don’t know how the adjudication works and I was assuming if they deny the adjudication then I would get walked out. In the mean while, it’s out of my control so keep working on the contract until I hear otherwise.

I assume they will adjudicate because you have apparently reached the adjudication phase… but actually I have seen a couple reports of cases where the adjudicator (in this case DODCAF) actually declined to adjudicate.

Yeah about all you can do is keep working… and make sure you resume is up to date just in case

I appreciate these informative info. Let’s say the adjudication was decline, I assume I my chance with getting a job that requires, TS, secret or public trust is pretty much shot.

Got word from my company security that the reinvestigation is completed and adjudicated. I don’t know if it’s favorable or not but I haven’t try to crossover on other contracts yet.

So a few months back they had me come in to go over my 2018 reinvestigation and hear my side of story. The meeting lasted couple hours and I know I did not do anything wrong or else I would have been removed long time ago. A month later I was adjudicated and was able to crossover to another contract. That was a relief and you were right about that they’ll adjudicate. I don’t know if it’s favorable or not but did not ask or care at this time.

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