Unadjudicated information?

So I held a TS/SCI w/ Fullscope Poly and worked for one of the three-lettered agencies successfully for 15 years. My last BI was in March 2011. Last July (2017) I was laid off and debriefed off of my contract. When I applied to a new job at the same customer, the company accepted me and attempted a crossover of my clearance. Unfortunately, the customer agency denied the crossover due to “unadjudicated information” on my newly submitted SF-86. The company security officer was unable to obtain details from the customer on this denied crossover. The only new information on my SF-86 was being treated by a mental health professional for depression/anxiety (successfully treated with medication) and a bunch of new family members (new wife and stepkids).

Would the mental health issue prevent a crossover? Did the company security officer not submit the right forms to have a new BI requested? Or do I have to go through a new initial investigation all over again? I am at a loss as to what to do.

Since last July I have been attempting to find a job at the same salary level, but without a clearance… and I have been very unsuccessful. Any advice is much appreciated.


So when you applied to the new job with the previous customer, did you fill out a new SF-86?

And did the process stop with the failed crossover? Are they going to adjudicate the unadjudicated information (and I’ve never heard that phrase before).

Also, your last BI was in March 2011, so even with the new six-year timeframe for PRs, I guess your old investigation is out of scope. Had your previous employer put you in for a periodic update before you parted ways?

My guess is that you will need a new investigation.

I also would expect you to require a new investigation. It also seems like all of this new information should have been discussed with your old FSO as you went along. You had a TS and didn’t report that you were going on meds for depression? You didn’t report that you remarried and picked up step kids? Plus, as noted above, your old investigation is seven years old and due for PR.