Unethical Behavior

Asking about a family member who is executor of an estate, with a filed pending civil lawsuit against them, of constructive fraud & 120 questionable acts of behavior, like buying a house under value from the principle quite a bit under value from the principal before she died. As executor actions of not doing executor duties now for 2 years, dragging circumstances out to personally harm a beneficiary financially to litigate a lawsuit for their behavior. This person has 2 security clearances, both for contractors working for the FBI & unknown other Federal Agency. If it is something that should be reported, is there a central place to do that?

Nah, there’s no way to report this to my knowledge and even so it would be ignored and/or nothing done.

A legal action, criminal or civil, would be the best way to initiate a concern to the adjudicators.

Thank you. I appreciate your input.

You can report it to the FBI IG or General council for fraud, waste and abuse. They will push it to security.

Thank you. I appreciate your help.