Reporting a felony?

My family was the victim of check fraud. Another member of our family forged four checks made payable to himself over a four month time frame totaling $6k. We opted not to press charges with the understanding he was going to get help. He has gotten worse, filed bankruptcy, lied, dui, car accident and now battles alcohol abuse and gambling. We found him to be leading multiple versions of his life in different locations and was diagnosed with Bipolar but did not like the medications. He works for DIA in Maryland and has security clearances. Is there a means to report our concerns and misconduct? If so, to whom? He is a time bomb waiting to go off. Any insight or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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It took me 20 seconds to googgle DIA Hotline to report stuff, try that.


I’m sure they will accept information or give a better contact number. Sad situation :cry:


One of the reasons the security clearance process can be so intrusive and onerous is to mitigate the risk of “internal espionage.” The government needs to know this, or else it can be used by others as blackmail to coerce your brother (e.g. “do what we say, or we’ll tell your employer”)


Terrible when folks fall down these rabbit holes. But this is exactly why the investigation process is so intrusive