“Unresolved” question on poly - what happens now?

I applied for TS/SCI with CI poly

First CI poly the examiner said I “reacted” to several questions and needed to come back.

Second CI poly (yesterday) I resolved one question, but one question remained “unresolved”. However, I wasn’t asked to come back for a third test. The examiner said he would write this in a report for the adjudicator to review and then it’s up to adjudication to evaluate next steps using the “full person” idea.

My background investigation interview is tomorrow.

I am 100% certain if an investigator digs deeper on this topic that was “unresolved” at my poly (foreign contacts) they will find I wasn’t hiding anything.

I’m wondering if anyone has had an “unresolved” question on the poly and what happens next. A follow-up interview? A deeper background check? A flat-out denial of clearance because the CI poly wasn’t “successful”?

Should I address this issue (the unresolved poly) upfront with the background investigator and give her a chance to probe deeper into the relevant topic?

Polygraph operators rarely tell a subject that they passed. Those who pass are typically left unclear on the outcome. By contrast, when one fails, one typically will be accused directly of either deception, withholding information, or both, and a post-test interrogation will follow.

If your polygraph is genuinely considered “unresolved,” then you may be asked back for a third session.

The fact that your appointment with the background investigator has not been canceled is a good sign. I would leave it to him or her to raise the subject of your polygraph sessions.

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