Unusual Clearance suspension

Good Morning All,

The background is:
I am an employee of DHS-ICE. According to OIG there were a couple concerning incidents in a short amount of time. I asked the agency to accommodate one of them in which they did not. My clearance was suspended based on Criminal Conduct almost 2.5 years ago when this stuff occurred. I was stopped by local police but released from custody when they realized I was not the person they were looking for. I had some words with them when they refused to tell me what was the reasoning was for being detained(no resisting) was never formally arrested, charged, or further investigated by local police. It was described by police as “miscommunication”. The next day, my badge, credentials and firearm privileges were suspended. Clearance suspension paperwork came a couple weeks later. I was placed on admin leave after that incident but, asked to report back to the office three months later. I returned to limited duty since then. I heard nothing until July 2019 when my clearance was reinstated. Paperwork said the security issues are resolved. I did not get a discipline proposal yet. would an agency terminate after giving a clearance back?? Has anyone seen this before anything close to this before?