Secret Clearance suspended (DHS)

Current Federal law Enforcement Employee who engaged in whistleblowing and reported serious misconduct of direct line and 2nd up supervisor involving hostile work and active workplace violence. (July 2017)

Employee was re-located to another office approximately one month (August 2017)after making complaint.

In an unrelated incident (SEPT 2017) during off duty hours employee is stopped and questioned by local law enforcement regarding stopping as a Good Samaritan 30 minutes prior. Insulted and verbally abused by the local police for they did not believe his story. Employee refused to provide information and exercised his right to remain silent. Employee was held for three hours, questioned, and released with no charges filed to this date.

Employee reported (SEPT 12, 2017) that he was illegally arrested, detained, and questioned and reported the police officers verbal behavior towards him and “feds”.

Employee put on administrative leave till further notice badge and creds, and arrest authority of employee were suspended also (Sept 12, 2017)

Employee formally served that his security clearance and access to NSI was suspended due to suspicion of “criminal conduct”. (SEPT 18, 2017).

Employee called in and returned to work in DECEMBER 2017 in a modified duty position.

Today is MAY 11, 2018. I am NOT in any receipt of SOR or notice of intent (apparently as DHS calls it). In constant communication with private lawyers. One lawyer said request an SOR for almost $1,000. Is it worth it and does anyone else have prior experience or similar circumstances dealing with DHS? Why is it taking over eight months to get an SOR/LOI from agency. Has anyone else waited that long?
Four other people in my office under investigation for different things (case by case of course) and they WERE ALL charged but none of their clearances were affected. Please help? Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Whistleblower retaliation?

The appropriate place for advice would be the DHS OIG’s Office if you feel your current predicament is a result of whistleblower retaliation. No one here can really provide you advice without knowing all the details and this is not the place for it.