Update on DoD Continuous Evaluation Alert Statistics

Originally published at: https://www.clearancejobsblog.com/update-on-dod-continuous-evaluation/

Since getting on its feet in 2017, the VROC has received 81,260 Continuous Evaluation alerts. Here is the breakdown of the types of issues concerned:

“Allegiance to the U.S.” issue are likely popping from social media posts and reaction to the Trump administration . . . but, in any case, the fact that these are showing up in CE doesn’t mean that they are causing denials which is what would be required in order to show up on the DOHA lists. My guess is that in traditional investigations these issues show up, get investigated and adjudicated without causing denials and that many who are denied for over this issue decide NOT to appeal their decisions.

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Who is conducting the continuous evaluation work? Are the agencies conducting this work from their HQ or are they hiring contracting agencies or telework employees?

The public DOHA “lists” only involve contractor denials where the contractor fights the denial to my knowledge.

The allegiance issue pops up under more than social media posts. Reactions to the Trump Administration (or any previous administration) has never popped up under the allegiance issue cases I have worked.

I have been getting a lot of RSI (definitely CE work) and a lot of TESIs.

Not all of the CE “hits” require a background investigation. The Subject could simply get an intent to revoke (LOR) letter or a clearance denial (LOD) from the owning agency. This gives the Subject the opportunity to rebut the issue.