Veteran panicking

About 3 months ago I was in the military and working at NSA with a TS/SCI clearance (with a CI poly). I have since separated from the military after receiving multiple contingent offers of employment. I separated based on the fact that so many companies were offering me jobs that there was no way in my mind I would not be able to find work.
The initial company’s position fell through due to budgeting however my security processing continued. I have since sat for 2 polygraphs and I have been unsuccessful both times. As far as my background I have tried weed once in high school and been contacted by the police not charged but had to speak with a judge and write a letter (all disclosed on sf86 before the military). I honestly think that I’m not able to pass because I’m terrified that I’m telling the truth but some how I’m not passing. My question is what should I do? I have read the lies behind the polygraph book but I really don’t want to try counter measures and lose the clearance that I have when I know I’m not lieing about anything. I’ve seen on here people asking about congressmen, would that help at all.

Another thing that is stressful is the fact that most military guys get CCAs and are allowed to start working while they are getting the polygraph done. For some reason I was not allowed to do that. I do have foreign family but they are all from a friendly part of the world and naturalized. HELP!!!??

Your congressman can’t help you pass a poly. Reading the Lies book was probably a mistake. A polygraph is one of the tests that you don’t want to study for.

All that I can recommend is that you simply calm down before the test. Don’t over think it. Your plan to tell the truth and that’s all that the machine is looking for. There’s no reason to panic.

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I know he can’t help me pass it but it seems like other people see that as an option so I was wondering if/how it was an option.

I’d give up before trying anything out of the book. However, the fact that I haven’t passed my first two after being honest has me very worried which feels like it will only compound during the 3rd test. It’s just frustrating when I’ve already been doing this work for 7 years multiple deployment and now they are acting like I’m a new person.

Others contact their representatives when they think that their investment is stalled. Your’s isn’t stalled.

It doesn’t matter that you aren’t trying things in the book. They still stick with you and can affect your subconscious. Hence the advice to relax.

It might help to discuss this with the operator before your next exam. He may be able to put you at ease.

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Take your time, listen to the question and answer the question that they asked, nothing more, nothing less. I am sure you are trying to connect some dots that arent there. Just relax and answer what is asked of you. Dont just say no, reply to the question they are asking.

It’s really hard to “just relax” like everyone keeps telling me to honestly. If I go for my third one and still don’t pass could they take away my current clearance? Do I have any appeal options?

Another company has offered me another job that I can start with my CI poly and since it’s a totally different IC agency they would redo my background check and then call me in for a polygraph within a year. Could this current polygraph process mess that up too?

Yes . . . the IC puts a lot of bank on the polygraph. I don’t know about your current clearance but you are going to have a problem moving forward until you can address this.

@Riddles43, If, as I infer, your polygraph is for an NSA contractor, then it’s a full-scope polygraph of the relevant/irrelevant variety. With this technique, it is entirely normal for applicants to be subjected to as many as three polygraph sessions (sometimes 4) and still be hired.

If you are offered a third polygraph, it means that you have not been removed from consideration.

You would be wise to avoid any temptation to make up an admission to placate an insistent polygraph operator. Any such false admission can only hurt you, and it will follow you for life.

At minimum you might well consider the behavioral countermeasures discussed in Chapter 4 of The Lie Behind the Lie Detector insofar as avoiding behavior that polygraph operators are trained to believe is indicative of deception is concerned.

You’ll also want to avoid breathing slowly and regularly. People often do this in an attempt to remain calm in a stressful situation, but any such conduct is likely to be reported as “attempted countermeasures” by your polygraph operator.

Good luck.

Are you saying that you can reply to the question with more than just a yes or a no?

No. I am saying dont just automatically say no, listen to the question and then reply no.

I appreciate you guys giving your feedback on this I honestly do. But it’s honestly terrifying that I know I’m telling the truth but some how the machine thinks I’m not.

I was seeing some other posts considering weather people could get there clearance without passing a CI and some forum members mentioning “the whole person” theory. Is it possible that since I have my FS sci with CI already the agency could look at that and realize that maybe it’s that I’m lying ? I’ve literally already been working at my job for years as a mil member. I cant really do “my job” any where else it’s pretty specific, that’s why I’m freaking out.

Ps. Waiting to find out if they will give me a third try

The machine doesn’t “think” you are lying. The machine doesn’t “think” at all. All that the machine does is measure physiological signs that your body produces when you answer questions.

One thing that you can do right now is try to figure out WHY you are so nervous. What areas where you have been questioned might be making you nervous. Is there something in your past that you are uncertain about? Is there something, even something innocuous, that you don’t want to be asked about?

I was using “think” as a figure of speech. I understand it’s measuring my nervousness. I am nervous for two reasons really. One, the only career that I know is on the line, before you say I can do it somewhere else, I promise I can’t, not without this poly anyway. Two, I had slight nerves the first time just because of what it was but nothing to crazy, felt a lot like my CI. Yet some how I did not pass which has me worried that no matter how truthful I am the machine is going to keep picking up my nervousness and registering it as deception. All of this is compounded because usually when ppl get out they get a CCA and can keep working while they get the FS. For some reason I wasn’t allowed to do so, which doesn’t make any sense and worries me a lot, adding to the nerves issue.

Had a buddy get out an an E-6 with ten years to grab a $400k/yr contractor job. The job lasted one year then they closed shop. He has been looking ever since and come to regret leaving his old job.

Bro the just know no matter what people say. The polygraph does not tell if your lying or not, it simply judges ur body’s reaction to the question when u answer… you could still be telling the truth, but that’s just how the machine works, best thing to do is try ur absolute best to relax and you’ll be ok.