Waiting for results from public trust

I completed a public trust form for a position I’ve had for over nine years. I’m a librarian for disabled people and don’t do anything for the military or any of that. I had a really bad illness and took care of most but not all the bills lingering in collections. I was given a letter asking me to deal with what was left which I have. What are the next step? No one is telling me anything and I’m afraid I’m about to be fired. Thank you.

Where was the letter from - are you civilian employed or in a contract position?

It was sent from the security office at my workplace. I am not a contractor and have been a federal librarian since 2013 and at the position I am in now since 2015. I’m a librarian for disabled Americans most who are blind. I have nothing to do with military or intelligence. In 2019 I was really ill, in the hospital four times, and had an FMLA that reduced my salary by $26,000. I’ve been doing my best to pay off the debt, some which fell into collections, since then. I paid off the rest of it this month. I’m afraid I’m going to loose my job. My mom is 90 and I take care of her. I’m wondering if I should be actively looking for a new job and if we should put our house up for sale. My managers seem to have no clue and told me when this started that the worst thing that could happen is that I would no longer be able to give technical support to our patrons. I got a NOPA that told me to explain or address all debt which I did. I’m afraid that isn’t enough. The paper work said I could be fired. I found out today from a co-worker who said our library has opted out of this for years. Every thing is really unclear and I’ve heard people are starting to get fired but I don’t know for what. Thank you for your help,