Waiting on polygraph appointment for 3.5yrs

July 2016 I began my TS clearance process for a Recent Grad IT position. Completed the forms, had my in-person security interview in early Sep with fingerprinting and photo, and credit check in Sep as well. I was asked to pay any outstanding balances on credit cards, which I did by bringing all my balances to $0. I was also asked to rectify 2 collection items on my credit for $50 and $250. I disputed them and they were deleted by the credit reporting agency.

I was awaiting the next steps in the process (polygraph, etc) and haven’t heard from anyone since Sep 2016. I have repeatedly emailed and called everyone that I had contact with during the hiring process and I have hit endless voicemails with no call backs, emails that fail to send because the person is no longer with the department…a lot of silence. I contacted OPM and of course was told to contact my hiring agency. I’m aware the boat has sailed considering it’s been over 3 years and I’m currently undergoing SF85 for another offer with a different department but I’d really just like to know what happened with that previous TS clearance. Any ideas? Did the President Trump hiring freeze play a role? It was also election year, did I just fall through the cracks? Any advice on getting someone to give me an answer?

It can depend on the hiring organization. Some members of the Intel Community will let you know your status and how you are progressing through the hiring process. Other organizations are non-transparent and may only send an email once or twice a year. Do you have a candidate ID and a POC at the hiring agency? Did you ever receive a job offer?

I did receive and accept a tentative offer, I had a POC, and don’t recall a candidate number. Last contact I had with my POC were in Sep 2016, him asking if I’d contacted by HR to be scheduled for polygraph and Nov 2016 him saying the department is busy because of election year and would try to get me an update. I’ve emailed him a couple of times since then and received no response. The HR specialist I’d originally been in contact with is no longer with the department. Am I beating a dead horse?

I assume this is for an IC job? Have you tried calling the intelligencecareers.gov help line? They can actually be fairly helpful. Not sure if they can unravel this one, but it may be worth a try. If you’ve been in the process that long I wonder if that web site even existed when you began the journey.

If they havent said no yet, you’re still in the game.

I’d say clerance department changed out (they rotate) while you were fixing your issues. It moved tot eh dead letter office or had a note like “fixing bills,” and it just sits there. You need an advocate in the hiring agency, the specific Security Manager for the company. That person normally deals with the specific agency clearance folks supervisors all the time. If they can show it was scanned to them, and they have a “I recieved it and entered for processing” email back…you are technically still in the fight. But nobody is asking for the package so it sits. Likely it sat long enough it is going stale. So a good measure of it may require repeating. Your signatures for instance will need updated after just 12 months. But this starts with the hiring agency. They let it slip.