Was given my TS this morning, then by afternoon they recieived a email from the Govt saying they had questions about it

I’m confuse. I got my TS clearance this morning, then by mid afternoon. My FSO calls me and says that the government made a error and they needed to investigate something else. Has this ever happened to someone? I find it hard that they would approve me and then send a email in the afternoon saying we need to investigate 1 thing and to hold off. Should I be worried?

The only thing I’ve ever heard of like this was when a person was granted an interim clearance which was later rescinded… not the same as a denial but the investigation turned up some info and they decided an interim clearance was no longer justified.

But the few cases where that has happened (at least that I know of) took at least a couple months to turn around… this sounds like a genuine screw-up.

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I definitely wasn’t granted a interim as the message they received from the gov’t was definitely TS. I had her double check.

I think you may be right. She did say, that they informed her that someone saw something mynute, and they wanted to investigate that. I assume, I was granted the clearance and they did a follow up after I was granted the clearance and the message was sent that I was approved.
This is what I think happened since I’ve had time to think about it. The person who did the follow up, saw something and is requesting more information. Then decides to “pull the clearance back” per say?

My FSO told me, keep all the clearance information she gave me, and not to worry. She did say, this was new for her, this had never happened and not to worry. She said, I was definitely granted a clearance, so no reason why I shouldn’t be granted it again. I’ve had a secret, and now a TS that I lost in 3 hours. My next step is TS/SCI!

It’s just disheartening to be told you have it, then let your manager know, then 3 hours later lose it, lol. But, I haven’t received anything about more information about anything.

This is not usual business, but it would not be unprecedented. Your clearance being granted was obviously released too soon as someone had questions about the initial adjudication.

What you will need to find out is what was the issue? Hopefully you will have a Subject interview to find out and explain any mitigating circumstances.

makes no sense to release the clearance then. The adjudicator signed off. That should be it. But, I also have nothing to hide so it’s no worries to me. But, it does put a sour taste into 1s mouth to be given something and then taken away because another person saw something.

I’m sure they will tell me the issue if they need information from me.

That is a first for me.

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