Contacted by DOHA lawyer for additional info

Hello, it has been roughly 19 months since I submitted my SF86 and it took about 11 months after that to finally be interviewed by an investigator. Since then I haven’t heard anything about my pending TS clearance, until this week when I was contacted by a government lawyer from DOHA. It was a short email just informing me that they are sending me a ‘request for additional information’ via US mail to my FSO and confirming my e-mail in case I wanted the request to be sent electronically via e-mail. I quickly replied and said yes this e-mail will work for anything you [DOHA] may want to send me.

I guess what I’m wondering is what this could possibly mean? Is this a good or bad thing? Or hard to tell from the limited info I’ve given.

Can’t tell . . . It’s about what information they are requesting much more than the fact that they are asking for information. You are the only one who knows what information about you could be an issue.