FOIA Request Expectations

I am undergoing the process for a TS Sci with an IC agency. It has been 18 months since I submitted my SF 86 and I believe I am in ajudication at this point. However, I was advised to submit a FOIA request to the ODNI to get the status of clearance in Scattered Castles. Does anyone know what I should be expecting? What information will they provide? Thanks.

I am just curious to know who gave you this really bad advice? What good is a FOIA request going to do? Have you been interviewed? The submission date of the SF86 doesnt really matter, only when the BI wraps up the investigation.

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Yes, I have been interviewed. References have been contacted, poly taken, psych taken. I do not know if the BI has wrapped up, but I suspect it has. A former BI of 25 years told me to do it. Why is it a bad idea? What is the downside? I have been waiting with no word for months on end without actually knowing if the investigation is done. All I want is to know where the process stands within the timeline.

I’m sorry I mistyped. It was not a FOIA request I submitted. It was a Private Act request.

Its just a waste of time. Do you actually want the job or do you just want to know the status? You need to contact your Members of Congress to get this moving. The privacy act will request will return information pertaining to the investigation, but if you want to move it along, contact your MoC.

Yes, I understand it won’t move it forward. But, knowing the staus (still being investigated or in ajudication) will provide me with additional info I need to make a decision as to whether to do Officer Candidate School. If I am still under investigation at this point, then the whole thing is likely a lost cause which I will abandon.

I did consider consulting moc, but decided it would be an inappropriate/futile thing to do for this particular role.

Appreciate your insight.

Well good luck. Are you joining the military only for a clearance? How would your pending investigation prevent you from joining? I am genuinely curious.

I actually don’t know. There is not much info out there on how it impacts it. I am not joing just to get a clearance though. I don’t think my ongoing investigation would impact it though. Getting denied clearance might However.

I would suggest you reach out to your point of contact.

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Just a heads up. I submitted a Privacy Act request in August of '19. Was cleared and given an EOD in Dec '19.

Still have not received the Privacy Act request back. They sent a letter saying it was a first in, first out type method, and from what I understand there was plenty of them. So you may not find the result you are looking for.

So . . . You are applying for a clearance with one of the highly secretive IC agencies and you are surprised that the process isn’t completely transparent? What’s up with that?

I sometimes wonder about the process in the IC . . . Do they make their candidates wait just to see how they react?

More seriously, they may not clear you until they decide just where they want you to work. If they don’t have anything for you immediately they may just make you wait it out.

That’s what I have been told by an expert in this field. Do you think it’s possible I am already cleared and they are waiting for a position to open before they contact?

No . . . You aren’t cleared but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t waiting for a position for you.

I was told when I was cleared, and at the same time told that my original position was no longer open. I had to apply to other positions again.

So no, I strongly do not believe they would be waiting to tell you if you were already cleared.

Your security manager knows the status.