What do security officers see when they look up a current clearance but not an active one?

Curious since I left cleared work recently I’m wondering what an fso at a potential job sees when they look up my clearance and polygraph status? How easy is it to pick up a current clearance? does it take longer than an active one?

Usually it is not a big problem but not all agencies update polygraph status in widely accessible databases. It can depend on the customer involved.

Hopefully the FSO at an interested company can determine if you will be easy to pick up quickly! Sometimes it isnt security so much as the hiring manager who might be reluctant to wait for a crossover.

Thanks for the reply! I’m a little confused as to why a hiring would be reluctant to wait for a crossover if they’re looking for someone with a high clearance and also because as I’ve been told when I was using my clearance was that it could take months for the clearance to show at a new company so a current clearance would be no different I’m assuming.

I think sometimes they are under pressure to get somebody on contract as soon as possible so they want to avoid any risk… and they may not really understand the process.