What does bi look into when it comes to process a security clearance

what exactly does opm look into when your are in the process of getting a secret clearance?

The first task (I think) is to verify all the information presented on the SF-86/e-QIP. This is done by a mix of database searches, queries to other agencies, and of course the field investigation. If there are any discrepancies between the info on the form and the information uncovered during this initial work, these need to be resolved. Maybe they were mistakes on the applicants part, or maybe the applicant was hoping to gloss over something and hope nobody noticed. The investigators have to track all that down.

Hopefully it will all go smoothly, if a bit slowly. But if there are any loose threads, they will be pulled on. The more loose threads, the more time it will take.

And I don’t think OPM has anything to do with it anymore, or they are getting out of the business.


Do the investigators typically ask the applicant if there if there are any discrepancies?

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every day…

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Yup! That’s their job!