OPM investigator

Is it possible that OPM will not do a personal interview and go straight to adjudication?

I think this can still happen for secret clearances, if there are no concerns or questions about items on the paperwork (eQIP/SF-86).

As sbusquirrel said, yes. But only for secrets but even that’s rare nowadays (used to not be). Usually “they” want more information about something on your sf-86. I once did a background for a kid joining the military and he listed “Afghanistan” as the country of citizenship for one of his relatives. Other than that, the form was completely “clean.” Turns out, he fat fingered it on the eqip on accident (Afghanistan is the first in the drop down menu).

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I recently received my secret a few months ago and I am going to for my TS right now. The weird part for my Secret is no one contacted me. I am looking forward for my investigation from OPM.