What happens to the security clearance process if position is no longer available?

I have applied to one of the IC agency . I was informed by my recruiter that the position is no longer available and my application is no longer active. I have moved a long way with the process. My question is : now that the position is no longer available what happens with the security process? Is it going to continue or the security process will stop where ever it is now ? I was told to apply for other similar position with the agency and if selected come back for an interview again !

If selected for any other job , do I have to start all the process from beginning or they will be able to pick up the process from where it was stopped ? Any advice from an expert is highly appreciated.



Talk to the Recruiter he/she will have the answer. Each IC Agency is a little different.

I can only speak for a contract company perspective to any community. We often interview up to 7 candidates for 1 positions. 3 or 4 will not get an SF86 due to disqualifying info. 3 or 4 may get it, 2 will return it, one of those gets screened out in the BI process. 18 months later when that person clears…we already filled the position with one who cleared earlier. We offer what positions we have at that time. If they decline, and they sometimes do we offer to hold their clearance for a while in case we get a comparable opening. Did they tell you they were removing you from the clearance process? They too may let it ride for now. I would continue to search for other positions and indicate you were submitted for a clearance but are unaware of the status. If they check and it is complete or usable…they will use what is done in their investigation.

I’m not an expert, but this is what I am currently experiencing. I think it depends on what level of clearance you were pursuing and what you will pursue. I was pursuing a Secret before, now I am pursuing a TS/SCI. For me, the Secret needs to be closed and then a new TS/SCI investigation will start. I would advice that you make sure your case is closed before you move forward. I’ve currently been waiting over 5 weeks to get my case closed, with no definitive timeline.

I’ve heard that sometimes the old case needs to be closed completely, other times your old paperwork can be adopted?

T5 (Top Secret) will trump the T3 (Secret) investigation regardless of the status of the T3.
Your FSO can initiate the T5 at any time (note: the T3 progress will be stopped)

@amberbunny, thank you for this very good explanation of how companies interview for a position of employment that requires secret clearance Tier 3. I have interviewed with a company in 6/2017. I accepted their job offer in 6/2017, completed SF86 in beginning 7/2017. I learned that my application began its process end of August 2017. I had an investigator interview end of October 2017. Parallel to this interview I received an e-mail that "Government was unable to grant an interim security clearance based off of the available information. Please note your investigation is still in process. " I contacted the investigator to inquire about it and he told me that he had not even completed his report so its not anything relating to the interview.
In July 2018, my clearance still shows in process and the company withdrew their employment offer stating that “to date, you have not obtained the clearance required to begin employment, therefore they must withdraw the contingent offer”.
Question: will my clearance process be stopped or will it continue to its completion? Any insight you may offer would be very helpful. thank you.

Normally, if the FSO is on top of things, once the position is withdrawn, they end sponsorship. However if you were good enough to get put in process, they may very well want to keep you moving forward for a future position. You would need talk to them and sell your self to them. Make them see the value in keeping you in process under their sponsorship.

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@amberbunny, thank you very much for your response. I appreciate your time.

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BTW, this happens all the time on our contract. With 400 positions we take the next candidate as they pop out of the system. So you may be put in for position X, but candidate Y fills it, when you pop out we say there is position X and Z available, are you interested? If so we bring them in and start them there.