What is RIP status?

Anyone heard of a clearance action called RIP?

Any guesses?

I think it stands for Release in Principle. Basically means it made it through the reviewer but there are still items pending— maybe the reviewer had to schedule something but didn’t have to give you a refile to fix anything. I got an email saying someone ripped my case a couple weeks ago and I didn’t have to take any action.

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So nothing bad? I’m way past 8 years on my bi… didn’t think reinvestigations were happening with the continuous evaluation happening.

I’m sorry, I assumed you were an investigator asking about a case you were working on. If you haven’t filled out an SF86 lately, this is likely something completely different.

No, RIP means Reinvestigation Packet. I know this because I had the exact same thing when I was put in for a reinvestigation after self reporting an incident in 2022. In your case it’s a standard Reinvestigation that your due for at least based off your comments. I hope you don’t support the same agency I do because they are notoriously ■■■■■■■ slow. I’ll be at 2 years waiting next month.

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