What to make of it

If after your investigation case has been closed and moved to the agency that wants you hired, and the adjudicator sends you a letter requesting you to clarify a piece of important information; You are basically asked to send in a specific document if you want to continue to move forward with your access authorization.

Does it mean that once you gave him/her the document that’s requested you will be given your access authorization?

Does it mean that the adjudicator has reviewed your case but wants you to send in an additional document so that your access authorization can be processed?

No . . . It means that they need addition information in order to make a decision. That additional information may advance the case for approval or it may advance the case for denial. The adjudicator MAY have reviewed the rest of your file but they may not. The new information may shed a different light on something else that is critical to making their determination.

All it means is that they can then continue with the adjudication.

I don’t understand that. If you provide them the information that they are requesting, how can it do anything but help? I’m in the same boat, all requested information was sent and received in the allotted time frame. To me, it seems they are asking for information that will help with approval, if it wouldn’t, they would just deny it. If that makes any sense. Not disagreeing with you Ed, just my perspective.

They are asking for additional information. If what you provides satisfies them, they may approve. If it does not, they may deny.

This doesn’t seem like a difficult question. You might be overthinking it.