Odd situation concerning adjudication

I was informed by the BI by phone that my investigation was completed and closed on November 27 , 2018 , he told me that I was now in adjudication. The FSO checked ( end on January 2019 ) and was told the investigation was pending. What in the world does that mean? It’s supposed to be in adjudication.

Maybe someone’s system hadn’t caught up yet. The investigation may be closed but under review by the “reviewer.” I believe it is 30-45 days after investigation before a case is assigned to an adjudicator.

So at the 45 day mark would have been roughly January 13

The investigator doesn’t know anything about adjudication, when it starts, how long it takes, when it ends. It’s not their job.

When the investigator closes the investigation, it gets reviewed. If any additional information is needed it gets reopened to further develop that info. If it is deemed complete, it gets passed to adjudication but may not be assigned to an adjudicator for 30-60 days.

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Ed is correct. The investigator can only tell you, and they should not tell you that much, when their portion is completed. Even then, they might, and this is common, have work later scheduled back to them.

I don’t know of any field investigator that will tell a Subject, or anyone outside their supervision, about a case or the case status - this is bad juju. I can only guess that an investigator might be flippant or evasive then the Subject hears “case closed!!”.

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