When did you give your current employer your 2-weeks notice after receiving your cleared job offer?

Jesus! See thats what Im talking about. Id play it safe and wait for the FJO. If you cant give 2 weeks, you cant give 2 weeks but stories like this is what I am talking about.

I gave in Friday after i received the reporting instructions and told my supervisor becuase i will continue to work with these people after ive made the transition. Im meeting with the owner of the company on Tuesday so…here goes nothing…im all in at this point. praying that there are no hiccups

Good luck with the talk and with no hiccups. Let us know how it goes.

Final job offer received today. I called HR every day until i got it. I can finally relax somewhat but will be really happy Monday morning!

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Enjoy the new position.

Are you allowed to continue “other” work while working with the federal government? I’d like to not leave my company high and dry. They’ll keep me on as an independent contractor but I don’t want to jeopardize my new employment.

Depends. At my last employer there was a policy for what work you could take off time but it basically boils down to employer conflict of interests and issues of morals. And you’ll probably need to report it to them just for vetting purposes.