When to notify your employer while waiting on clearance?

This can be a silly question, but I still want to ask…
It has been a month since I am waiting to receive eQip link. After I read people’s timeline after submitting SF85p, it seems to take at least a few months to get clearance.
In this case, do you guys wait until you receive clearance before notifying your employer?
If you are not currently employed then would you wait until you get cleared without getting a job in the meantime?

Seek work to pay the bills. If the clearance gets granted and is a better offer, give proper notice and take that one. If it isn’t a better position…stay where you are and apply for cleared positions.

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Always wait until you receive your clearance before submitting any kind of notice to your current employer as nothing is final until you receive your clearance, which could take 7+ months.

I’d say that depends on the clearance level and work situation. I work in a 3 person company so I felt obligated to let them know. The investigator said they’d be interviewing them so I wanted them to hear it from me first.

Everyone’s situation is different and just depends on the job. For some I’d disclose immediately. For others I’d wait until I get cleared.