Wife's nephew in prison???

My wife’s ( My Nephew ) nephew is going to prison. Will that have any impact getting a Public Trust or Clearance?

It will have no impact at all.

None. Unless you were involved in his offenses.

Wellll … probably minor speed bump - If the wife’s nephew is in prison and your and/or your wife have had contact with him while he was in prison - you would want to report the association. The investigator will ask who knows about the nephew and the continuing association then interview a couple of those folks to insure you were not involved and not vulnerable to blackmail because of the nephew’s past behavior/current situation.

This is a common minor issue.

I have no involvement in anything.

I am five hours away from where he is held now.
I have no contact with him, but my wife does.

Should I let my investigator know about the events?

I would consider that a normal part of discussion but not reportable on the form.