Will a short-sale of my home jeopardize my DOE L Clearance?

I have had a clearance -currently an L clearance- at a DOE national laboratory for 15 years. My credit is very good. I have no other tarnishing issues. I never work with classified materials. I recently bought a second home to be closer to work and to my son’s school and activities. A lot of reasons why I needed to move closer-one being I can’t drive in the dark anymore and my son had to be at “zero hour” for band at 6 am. My first home is a 45 min to 1 hour drive one-way. I have not been able to sell that first home, which I bought in the fall of 2007 -immediately before the crash of home values. I’ve tried to sell for four years! I want to see if I can sell with a Short Sale. What risk will this be to my current L Clearance at my job? What risk would a foreclosure be to my L Clearance? Thank you for any answers, feedback!

A short sale is a legal remedy to resolve a debt. As long as you continue to work with the creditor and pay on any remaining balance after the short sale it should not affect your clearance. I would, however, ensure you document the entire situation and report it to your security officer, as is required.

Thank you, that is the most clear answer I have received for this question. What about foreclosure -if I were to decide to take that route -how would that affect my DOE L Clearance?
Thank you so much!

Same answer as before, as long as you close the loop on any debts owed and provide documents for corroboration.