Woman wins lawsuit over JPAS report


A New Jersey software engineer has won a lawsuit filed against her former employer for filing a false report in JPAS which cause her to lose her security clearance

CAMDEN – An Evesham woman who sued her former employer with a handwritten complaint four years ago has won a $3.5 million verdict.

Anna Baran claimed a Moorestown defense contractor, ASRC Federal Mission Solutions, made a “false and defamatory” statement about her to a federal agency, causing the former software engineer to lose her security clearance, court records say.

According to the details, the company placed a report into JPAS which was later proven to be incorrect. However by the time the report was found to be false, the woman had lost her clearance.

Woman wins $3.5M verdict against former employer


Interesting . . . I have a lot of connections to that facility . . .