Worst Case Scenario

So I applied for a TS SCI position at a fed agency in 2017 while in college. I graduated in 2018 and submitted my SF86 22 months ago (poly, med, references are done). Radio silence since. I am no longer putting my life on hold, but I would prefer the IC job.

I have decided to do Marine OCS and will be submitting my package this week. The thought just occurred to me of the possibility of getting a clearance denial for the IC role, lets say in 6 months, while I am in the military.

What would the consequences of this be regarding my militaty status? The likelihood of a clearance denial is low, as the only red flag is 5x marijuana use back in 2015. However, you never know when it comes to bureaucracy, especially within the IC.

What’s the worst case scenario here? Thanks.

Worst case is you become an 0402 and get assigned to ANGLICO. Doesnt get much worse than that.

dunno… a Marine Liason on an Army base?

…worst case scenario…

You leave the military and become a Background Investigator.



Most of the agencies have seperate clearance processes/guidlines from DOD. It’s hard to believe you would be denied this late in the game based on your stated background. It’s more likely a hiring delay. It really should not effect your military service. The Marine Corps is definitely the service with the fewest amount of high level clearances.