You heard it here first... and DCSA interviews

You’re applying to the wrong vacancies, then. You should be applying only to the vacancies that list “open to the public” and no special authorities if you do not qualify for those hiring authorities.

So you don’t know for a fact that contractors will be axed. Or do you?

The idea of contractors being managed by fed field supervisors has been around for a long time. If they are going to implement it, now is the time. The ‘vetting’ side of the house is going through realignment so that we are more congruous with the DSS side of the house. Now that the backlog is done and video interviewing is in almost full swing nationwide, this takes a lot of the pressure off; i.e. major realignment can occur without effecting timeliness of investigations.

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For a fact? No. Reading all the writing on the walls, listening to Insiders talk and looking at the internal growth of DCSA on usajobs AND the fact that Contractors are suffering and the prime contracts maturing in the very near future and other Agencies going direct with CI’s with no managing Vendor? Yes I’m saying the winds of change are starting to blow…

I’ve been around for a long time and NEVER have I heard the idea of Feds supervising contractors. Yeah I’m sure the SACs can’t wait. So this is all just academic. Maybe wishful thinking by some. I’m still waiting for something other than “agency sources”. And I believe it when I see it and will post that I was wrong.

It’s hard to believe a tangled network of independent contractors would be a steady and reliable work force able to handle the surge or backlog that will inevitably happen sometime in the future. There will probably be some sort of national event of espionage or violence in the future that will force us all into more “in depth” and “in person” work creating a backlog again. (DC shooter, Snowden, etc.) Contracting companies seem to be the best at cracking the whip and getting work completed quicker in the backlog situations that seem to run cycles.
My DCSA virtual interview is June 10. I’m on the West coast. Good luck to all.

I think that I’ve seen instances of federal employees supervising contractors but it is very unusual (in my experience) AND I’ve only seen this with very very small numbers of contractors. I can’t see how they could do it with any significant workforce.

The SACs were not happy with the idea and always push back every time it comes up. I have no idea if it is wishful thinking or not. I do know that the telephone and video interviewing is here to stay and that is going to change this game a lot.

Why are people still in this field?? Signals were put up a year ago things were changing. Anyone with a Brain should have made plans to change fields. Now those who haven’t you got a pandemic to deal with that is effecting companies.


I wish everyone were as smart as you and had a brain like yours. How can we get out of this field when we don’t have a brain to do so? Think about what you’re asking. There are many reason’s people have stayed in this business and I’m sure people are trying to get out. Maybe you can get a job as a life coach for tired, hopeless, old, brainless Investigators?


You started this blog with “You heard it here first”. It’s not a fact but just insight? Rumor…? Please post when you can say it’s a fact. I would say I’ve seen A LOT of writing on the wall it’s just never been clear. In an ideal world and from a contractor it should be ALL Feds doing this job. Having a “Contractor” carry a Federal Badge silver or whatever color is absurd. But that is another topic. As it stands right now Contractors are here to stay.

And here you are reading posts about the field you say everyone should have left. Lucky for you there’s still such fools to fuss over… :roll_eyes:

How wonderful it would be to pick up and leave for some greener pasture elsewhere. I would love to move on to something that I can use my investigative skills obtained to continue working within this field I’ve enjoyed.

So where is it that’s hiring, that I can just move on to? Me with my various credentials…


Yes Contractors are here to stay. The Vendors? They weren’t here pre 2005 and this will exist when they’re gone…

DSS/DIS didnt use contractors but I think OPM did…?

You should be happy this could happen. Contract Investigators will be better off working directly under contract with DCSA instead of some corporate Defense Vendor. It already exists with other Agencies. What’s the love affair with these Vendors that couldn’t care less about you as an Investigator? CACI doesn’t care about you. They’re just enjoying the prime contract while it lasts and paying FI’s as little as possible. Life will be better with the Vendors out of the picture…


I’m referring to Agencies now that go direct with IC’s for work.

Not to be too anal, however, Vendor/ISP or whatever you want to call “retained by” the government USIS was around before 2005. I’ve got a W2 from 2001 to prove it.

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I wonder if we were in the same NIT class at the mine? I started in 4/2001. I still have the class picture.

Good point Defender66

USIS was around in 9/96 and used independent contractors from early on…