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I just came across ACBI while on LinkedIn. I was curious about the membership and what it entailed but the site looked kind of outdated. Anybody here a member? Any perks to it?

I’m a member but no longer in the BI industry. I joined in order to have access to their forums and to have it shown on my resume. Their annual conference may sometimes have good information presented.

To me, it seems like ACBI is more useful to independent contractors who are looking to learn about new contracts, etc. It never struck me as a super useful organization for people on the federal side or full time employees of the big contractors (I was the latter).


I was a member for a bit, but let my membership lapse because I didn’t get anything from it. They have changed the format of the forums, but previously, if someone posted a comment, a blast email went out to every person on the email list. Some of the discussions were entertaining, but every time someone wasn’t “PC” about a topic the entire thread was shut down. Or if someone had a negative comment about an experience with a particular contract company, it was shut down. The forums have since moved to a website (like this one) and you have to log on to see if anyone has posted anything. There were supposed to be groups for various discussions, but I never got on, so I don’t know how it ended up working out. I was in it for the industry discussions, but once they changed that, it wasn’t worth the $50 a year.

I pay $60 year. Wanted to connect to other independents. Never want to national meetings as I figure I could work on my own merits. Downside is that it has lots its voice in form of a newsletter so no longer useful to me.

ACBI is a good group of ppl who are willing to assist with any issues you might have as a Contractor/BI. I have been to the last two conferences and learned something each time. If you enjoy ppl and networking then join. You will always find those who use the forum to just complain about this or that, which is their right. I prefer to focus on other things. I have made good friends from the conference and met many sources for work. You get out of it what you want. The membership is tax deductible so why not? Anyone who wants further info can emIl me.

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Yes, but if there is “no work” for ICs now, what can ACBI do for us?

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