Adjudication for t3 secret, weird process

I applied and got a TJO back in September 2023 for a job that requires a secret clearance, I asked my HR rep about the background check at start of October 2023 and got told they are adjudicating an old investigation? I’ve been stuck in that process since then. The last time I filled out an sf-86 was back at the end of 2015, no new one filled out. Beyond that I did do an sf-85 3 years ago for my current job. I’m trying to figure out if this is normal or if there may be potential issues with the paperwork for the job?

Something sounds screwy here. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were trying to use an old investigation but at the very least I would think they’d want to look at a new SF-86 since a lot can change since the last one, even since the last SF-85.

Please keep us posted!

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Just an update, i issued a congressional inquiry on March 18th. 2 days later I got my FJO. Just got an email today stating that i got granted my secret clearance effective March 28th. Happy but a bit odd, glad it worked out.