Adjudication of TS/SCI suspended awaiting SMO response

Under the Adjudication History in my DISS record it says “Adjudication of TS/SCI suspended awaiting SMO response.” . Does any one what does this mean. Who is my SMO? The FSO of the company that holds my profile in DISS did not receive any request from DOD CAS. Not sure what they are waiting for. Any advice/info will help.

Any Updates to this?

1st I have a question: How did you find out what DISS said?

A SMO (Subject Management Officer) is to the Mil/Civ what an FSO is to the Industry/Non-Fed side. In DISS both are referred to as a SMO.

If the FSO/SMO did not receive any requests they need to:
1st make sure that they have “claimed” you in DISS.
2nd they need to submit a CSR (Customer Service Request) requesting an update. They can do this by either entering the request in DISS themselves OR they can call AVS (nee VRO) to submit one.

Good Luck!