Adjudication Question - Sexual Assault

Thanks all for your insight and assistance.

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I wouldn’t worry about that. It was so long ago and it isn’t reportable in the context you described.

More info


Do you have a mental health or other health condition that

substantially adversely

affects your judgment, reliability, or

trustworthiness even if you are not experiencing such symptoms today. I would say 10 times qualifies.

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I don’t have a mental health condition. I feel no desire to do this again.

Exactly what wzdtim said.

Not that I condone it but this is what S21 says

The new S21 asks specifically if the respondent has:

  • been declared mentally incompetent by a court or administrative agency
  • been ordered to consult with a mental health professional by a court or administrative agency
  • been hospitalized for a mental health condition
  • been diagnosed by a physician or other health professional with specifically listed diagnoses
  • a mental health or other health condition that substantially adversely affects judgment, reliability and trustworthiness

You should answer only based on that


Here’s the thing that I see . . . If your therapist, at any time, thought that you were a danger to your sister, he or she would have been required to report the issue to authorities. That didn’t happen. You are justified in believing that you don’t have mental issues.

Additional factors . . . You say it was about seven years ago. You need to figure this out. How old were you and how old was your sister?

If this comes up, it will likely be an issue but doesn’t have to be disqualifying.

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Last time it happened I’d say I just turned 15. First time was probably around 12. Can’t remember it well. She’s a year younger than me.

It doesn’t appear to be reportable. However, if it’s on your mind, it’s likely to affect your poly. The operator will know that something is going on. This means that you may have to discuss it or you will look like you are hiding something.

You might have to come clean on the generalities if not the whole subject. I’m really not sure what to tell you about how to handle it. This is a tough one.

Ed, I am very worried that my clearances will be pulled - do you think my situation warrants pulling it? If so, I’d just stay on the DoD side of the house and not chase the job that requires the lifestyle.
Conversely, is there anyone I can reach out to to get some adjudication guidance? A DSN number or USG helpdesk?

If you feel the need, talk to a qualified clearance attorney. Most will give you an hour consult for free. Just bring all of the facts to them and let them tell you what they think. I wouldn’t reach out to the government.

I don’t think that this warrants pulling your clearance. The biggest issue may be your concern.