Adjudication Timeline for Secret Clearance (RRU)


I worked for a government contractor for almost two years and left for a government position in October 2014. I was re-hired by the same government contractor in February. An RRU was submitted to reactive my Secret clearance. My clearance went to adjudication on March 3, 2015 and I’m still waiting. I’m now in jeopardy of losing my position since my clearance hasn’t come through. How long should this take under ideal conditions? Thanks.


You say you left a contractor position for a govt. employee position, and then back to the previous contractor? What were the circumstances of your departure? It also depends on when your last investigation closed. Lots of factors play into how long it takes.


I departed on good terms and provided the appropriate notification. I’m not really sure when my last investigation closed. I assume I can obtain that from my FSO? I was told the clearance “lapsed” and an RRU should have prompted approval within 30 days. I’m now over 60 days.